Fast For Victory

The disciples of John the Baptizer asked Jesus why they had to fast, but the disciples of Jesus weren’t fasting. To them, it seemed like His disciples were having a party instead.


Herman learned a little lesson this morning as he pondered this passage. It’s part of the Daily Readings for today. What the little, orange cathedral mouse learned was that fasting is really important.


Fasting makes the most sense in the context of holiness. Right now, we could be described as spirits trapped in a body of flesh. But someday, when we have been resurrected — body and spirit — we will be spirits in complete control of the flash. The difference is holiness.

Through fasting, we begin to learn what it is to actually gain control over our flesh. “Feed me, Seymour!” is the cry of the plant (Audrey II) in the cult film entitled Little House of Horrors. Like our own flesh does with us, the plant makes never-ending demands on Seymour. In this case, to be fed humans — quite profound when you consider fasting in the context of spiritual warfare.


We’ll have more to say about spiritual warfare in another article soon. For now, know that holiness is essential to victory in spiritual warfare. And by all means, understand that we are faced with great spiritual warfare challenges all around us in the world today.


It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B!

In Christ!

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