Crabby, Ole Scribes

This man is blaspheming. (Matt 9:1-8)

“It was getting strange around Galilee,” Papa said, rocking easily in the chair as the summer sun set over the neighbor’s house. It was slowly getting dark as the old man continued, “It was all part of a larger story that was as old as time itself. I have a story to tell you!”


“Everywhere Jesus went, amazing things were happening. Just yesterday, across the Sea of Galilee, this man Jesus made some folks really mad. Because it was the Gadarenes, nobody really paid much attention, but maybe they should’ve. That’s because what Jesus did was cast out some demons.”

“Actually, the Gadarenes were scared by Jesus. It looked to them like Jesus had some power over nature. And who knows! Maybe He did. Anyway, if they could’ve, the Gadarenes would have killed Jesus for sure.”

Papa continued, “After crossing the Sea of Galilee and making His way back to Capernaum, almost immediately, Jesus made some other folks mad. This time it was the Jewish scribes. Apparently, they heard Him tell someone his sins were forgiven. That’s all it took!”

“‘Blasphemy!’ those crabby, old scribes shouted.” Papa said it as if he might actually been there. “Only God can forgive sins,” he continued.

“And they were correct,” Papa told the spellbound audience. “Without even knowing it, those scribes had come into the very presence of the God-man Jesus.”

It got quiet for a moment. Papa appeared to be thinking, so the people on the porch waited for him. Before long, he continued.

“Later, Jesus would share this power and authority over sin with His Apostles (John 20:19-23). It’s one of the strange things about God — He really does like sharing His divine life with ordinary people.”

After another brief pause, Papa continued, “Sharing the divine life with mankind actually got started in the Garden, ya know. God gave Adam dominion over every living thing. He even let Adam name all the animals too. And later, He appointed prophets and judges and kings. They all shared in His authority to lead and bless God’s Chosen People,” the old man continued.

“So it really shouldn’t have come as any big surprise when Jesus did the same thing with 12 ordinary men from Galilee. He appointed them to lead His Church and gave them everything they needed to be successful.”

“And through the Church, there’s a great harvest coming,” Papa said, looking directly at one little boy. “But that’s another story. You’ll just have to drop by soon to sit on the porch again.”

With that, the folks on the porch began to stir, as people say in the country. People got up from their seats and bid each other a good night.


When you think about it, it’s really good living in the country. It’s cool to be Catholic too. COOL2B!

Come back again soon. In Christ!

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