Heal and Celebrate

Jesus did not come for perfect people. He came for people like us (Matt 8:28-34).

The world fled from the lepers and separated themselves from those with an evil spirit. But when you see how Jesus lived, you could adopt a simple motto and get it right almost always:

“See what the world is doing and do something else. Do the opposite. Go in the other direction.”


That’s what Abraham did with his nephew Lot when they separated their herds and their herdsmen (Gen 13:5-13). The Patriarch had a perfect right to choose the direction he would go, but he deferred to Lot, a man of the world. If Abraham was unsure of the better direction, he could be certain of one thing — Lot would pick the worst direction. Lot would go the way of the world.

Abraham was indeed a wise man!


So today there is much chaos and confusion. The world is in a frenzy. It is hell bent on mayhem and destruction, while it seeks to convince itself that these actions are just and right. It’s time for God’s children to fall back on the lesson of Abraham’s wisdom. We must be different. We must do something different.

In times of pandemics and pandemonium, we should seek Shabbat and Shalom. Holy rest and peace form the nucleus for a powerful message to a world in darkness. Our God is Almighty. He can be trusted!

The mission of the Church has always been to be an alternative community. We are to follow the Way and Truth and Life (John 14:6).


It’s cool to be Catholic! COOL2B!

In Christ!

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