God’s Friends

Depart from me! I didn’t know you! (Matt 7:21-29)

Wow! We hope we never hear those words! They were spoken by Jesus to a person who had preached and healed and did all kinds of other stuff like that in the name of Jesus. But apparently, that person never took time to rest with Jesus, hang out with Him, and be His friend. What a remarkable vision that is!


The Catholic vision isn’t all about liturgies and rites, although those things do matter, of course. But at the center of it all is love and relationship — they’re everything in the Kingdom of God. And they’re everything in the Church Jesus started also!


There’s evil all around us right now. The spirit of this age is busily trying to divide us with lies and media propaganda. It wants to rob us and steal from us. And it even wants to kill us. How we respond is what will make the difference!


Too many who call themselves Catholic go on social media and call other people bad names. They speak hate in return for the smut that’s already on social media. They call the pope and bishops bad names, often with no more proof than having read accusations on someone else’s website.

That’s not the way of Jesus, folks! That’s not how He is! That’s not the Way and Truth and Life (John 14:6).


Be light! Be salt! Be a holy moment of inspiration for others in these trying times of exceptional darkness and evil. Don’t give into the temptation to strike back at the people who live in darkness.

Catechize, don’t criticize!


It’s cool to be Catholic! Really, really cool! COOL2B!

In Christ!

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