The Secret

“O Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you. Avoid profane babbling and the absurdities of so-called knowledge.” (1 Tim 6:20)

We’re still Catholic, even after 2000 years. The secret is that, from the beginning, there was a clear line of authority in the Church. It was given by Christ to His Apostles and then they passed it to the disciples they appointed in their place. The leaders of the Church exercise this authority when interpreting the Word of God (both in oral Tradition and written Scripture) (CCC 85).

This practice can be traced in Scripture and is evident in the relationship St. Paul has with Timothy (2 Tim 1:12-14)


A continuing line of authority back to a Christ is important for the echoing of authentic faith across the centuries. Because of this authority, which is in the hands of the magisterium, we can read the writings of the early Church fathers, those who documented the beginnings of the Church, and say, “Yes! I recognize that. We still believe that! We still do that! We still practice what Jesus taught His Apostles. We’re still the Catholic Church!”


Papa once said that we can trust the Church. It wasn’t that Papa thought the people in the Church were perfect. He knew that wasn’t true. But He also knew Jesus, the One who started the Church, protects (Matt 16:18-19), and promised to be with it to the end of the age, is perfect (Matt 28:19-20).

Papa knows about these things!


It’s cool to be Catholic! COOL2B!

In Christ!

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