Broken Chains

The subject of this little article is chains. We’re talking about loss of freedom. We’re talking about bondage.

Why would anyone want to talk about chains? Because St. Paul was in chains? Not so much! More likely, it’s because, if we aren’t very careful, any of us could find ourselves in chains too.


Though physical chains are not impossible, most people in the Western Hemisphere who find themselves in some form of bondage are dealing with addictions and dependencies. This is tricky business because, not everything that takes control of our lives is illegal. But all things that take us away from Jesus, holiness, and eternal destiny of love with a God in heaven are “anti-Christ.”


We won’t dwell on the addictions and dependencies this morning, though they are so very important in society. Rather, we’ll focus and finish on the real intent of today’s daily readings. You can chain a man or woman, but you cannot chain the Good News that Christ died for our sins and rose from the grave for our salvation. He conquered sin and death. And nobody or nothing will ever be able to put chains on the Gospel (Good News).


It’s cool to be Catholic. COOL2B! Have a blessed day!

In Christ!

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