Trust Some More

Sunday, May 10, 2020 (Fifth Sunday of Easter)

Let your mercy be on us as we trust in you.


This is known as “lectio” in Latin.

Most of you have already heard last Sunday’s readings in the mass although it’s possible you might not remember exactly what they said. Click on the link below and and take a moment to re-read the Gospel from last Sunday.

John 14:1-12

Now, let’s talk …


This is known as “mediatio” in Latin.

The selected passages for this mass seem to be saying, “Lord, we trust you, but still, we need your mercy!” Let’s think a few minutes about trust and mercy.

In another part of the Bible, Jesus is with a father who wants Him to save the life of his child. He asks the father if he believes. The man replies that he does believe, but he needs help with his unbelief (Mark 9:23-25). It’s a truly amazing and remarkable response. And it’s a lot like the faith most of us have!

Is it possible to trust someone who shows no mercy? Not likely. But that doesn’t tell us why we don’t trust Jesus the way we should. After all, He died for us. Most of us don’t have as much difficulty trusting in Him as we do accepting His unending mercy. If we only knew the extent of His mercy, we would never waiver in our trust again.

Stop whatever else you might be doing and consider something that is unimaginable — the vast and limitless mercy of Jesus Christ. Then think again about the limits of your trust.


This is known as “oratio” in Latin.

Now it’s time to pray. It’s time to talk to the Lord. Tell Him about your faith. Tell Him about your trust. Tell Him about your doubts and concerns too. Tell Him anything you want. Jesus is not in a hurry. He’s waiting for you. Seek Him right now. Go to Him in prayer.


This is known as “comtemplatio” in Latin.

When you’re done talking to Jesus, stop and listen. Be still. In the quiet God speaks, and in quiet we hear. Most likely, Jesus has something He wants to tell you. Be like Jacob who wrestled with the angel of God at a place called Peniel (Gen 32:22-32). Don’t let go of this moment until you have received His blessing. Don’t quit until you have heard what He has to say.

God will speak to you in your thoughts. The voice you hear will sound just like the voice you have always heard when you’re thinking. But there will be one big difference. You cannot tell yourself something you don’t already know. When you hear something you didn’t know, there’s a good chance that our Lord is speaking. Learn to listen!


The Bible tells us that He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it (Phil 1:6). God is working in your life right now. Cooperate with Him. Start by answering one of the questions below. Then take action on your answer.

QUESTION: “Based on the Bible readings and my reflections…”

  • What should I START doing that I’m not doing right now?
  • What should I STOP doing that I have been doing?
  • What should I continue doing, but CHANGE the way I’m doing it?

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