Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. (Mt 3:2)

This is the second Sunday in Advent. Last Sunday, we remembered the coming of Christ as an infant in a manger. This Sunday, we remember His coming into the hearts of men and women. The theme for this Sunday is repentance.


In this cartoon, we see a zealous John the Baptist preaching repentance and baptism. We know that he sees Pharisees and Sadducees in the crowd, and he speaks harshly about them.

The humor is derived from their pride. We cannot tell which one (the Pharisee or the Sadducee), but one of the two does not even realize they are being mocked. He’s certain John must be speaking ill about someone else in the crowd. Pride and arrogance are killers of the soul, of course.

There’s more for the reader to see still. Note that John is in the water. The people have not yet come down into the water. But there is light near the water. In fact, it is behind the people and so intense that we can only see their silhouettes. Otherwise, they are in darkness, and their true identities are still unknown.


With this scene we see a familiar Bible theme. It is “spirit and water.” Whenever God begins a new work, you can expect to encounter this theme. Spirit works together with water throughout the Bible.

Repent! Turn back to God while there is still time for that. Do not stubbornly continue in your ungodly ways. During this Advent season, God is offering each of us to rekindle our love for Him and to renew our relationship with Him. Repent! Turn back to God.

In Christ!

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