Approved Workers

Be eager to present yourself as acceptable to God, a workman who causes no disgrace, imparting the word of truth without deviation. (2 Tm 2:15, NABRE)

This cartoon doesn’t really have a punchline. It simply depicts a “social media attitude” in the workplace. It’s pretty straightforward. We’re saying that people have always been people in every generation. Cultures change. Societies change. And technology changes. But people have qualities and characteristics (not always good ones) that seem to be enduring. Only God can change. Let’s talk …


Social media is not new. Computers, the internet, and mobile technology — they’re new. But people have always gathered. They’ve talked. They’ve laughed. They’ve argued. And they’ve embarrassed themselves. So we’re looking at a spoof of social media in this cartoon. There are a handful of Biblical characters sitting around a rock, drinking some grog, and getting upset with each other. Some are mad. Some are embarrassed. And some just wonder why all this craziness exists.


The key passage for this cartoon is 2 Tm 2:14-26. It tells us we shouldn’t pick at each other with petty “words.” Intentions are more important than any given word. People who witness these debates are turned off. We should be careful that we don’t say or do things that will cause us to be ashamed later. Think before you speak. Not everything that enters your head has to come out of your mouth.

Avoid conversations that don’t bring glory to God. These conversations will spread like a deadly poison. And sadly, you can expect to see people who call themselves “godly” engaged in these conversations. They are helping to spread the poison whether they know it or not. Don’t you be one of those people.


Social media is not the enemy of the Church. In fact, it can be very useful. But participate with wisdom. Engage on purpose. Be aware of those around (often called trolls) who will try to draw you into poisonous debates. Don’t fall for this trap. Move beyond it. Share the truth in love and trust the Holy Spirit to do His work. The Bible tells us that, when we share the Gospel in love, it always gets results. It will not come back to us empty (Is 55:11).

The point? Be careful, especially on social media, that you represent Christ and your faith well. Be a worker who has God’s approval. In Christ!

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