Blessed are those who have been called to the wedding feast of the Lamb. (Rev 19:9)

Satan is trying to infiltrate the Church. There can be no doubt about that. Just read the verse above … and we’ll explain.


Satan is toast, as the expression goes. He lost the war at Calvary. Not only did Jesus die for our sins, but He also conquered death in His resurrection. In Christ, we have our salvation and our hope for eternal life.

Though Satan lost the keys to the place of the dead, he cannot afford to give up. The Bible tells us that he will be cast into a lake of fire along with the beast and the false prophet. His torment will last forever with no relief (Rev 20:10). Satan still hopes to prevent this from happening. He has a diabolic plan. It does not involve repentance. It’s all about revenge!


Satan’s plan most likely has something to do with the great wedding feast in heaven (Rev 19:6-9). The Church will be the bride of Christ. She will share in His glory forever and ever. And Satan might believe, if he can get inside the Church as a leader, he will avoid eternal damnation.

Of course, it’s true that Satan would probably prefer to destroy the Church from the inside before the wedding feast as a way of striking at Jesus. But either way, Satan desperately wants to infiltrate the Church. As the unknown date for the wedding feast draws closer and closer, we can expect Satan to turn up the tempo of his attacks.


In this cartoon, it’s examination day. We see two doctors. The first is for the flesh, and the second is for the spirit. Of course, we took some liberties with what a doctor of the Church actually is. But still, most readers will get the point.

Stripped bare of his robes except for a pink miter, the fictional bishop of this cartoon cannot hide from the examining eyes of the two doctors. Like a modern day Moses and Elijah, they will soon know everything about this bishop’s flesh and spirit.


We are not among those who believe that all of our bishops are evil. In truth, we are big fans of Catholic bishops in the United States and around the world. But we cannot ignore the fact that Church leaders are prime targets for Satan. To prevent infiltration, our bishops must be open and transparent in how they deal with the problems of the Church today. And in turn, the laity must commit to praying faithfully for them.

So beware! Satan prowls, and he seeks to sift our leaders and devour us (Lk 22:31; 1 Pt 5:8). Pray without ceasing (1 The 5:17). Remember that not everyone who calls on the name of Jesus will enter the Kingdom of heaven (Mt 7:21). Become the kind of Catholic who puts all your trust fully in Jesus!


By the way, there’s one more reason Satan might want to infiltrate the Catholic Church. It’s cool to be Catholic. It’s Catholic Cool — and that’s much better than the eternal fires of hell!

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