Keeping It Real

The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments. (Mt 22:40, NABRE)

So what are we saying in this cartoon? Are we trying to turn readers into golfers? Actually, the message is more basic than that. Let’s talk …


Yes, history (His Story) is complex. And the universe is also very complicated. But when it comes to our faith, let’s KEEP IT SIMPLE. Jesus tells us how.

Let your life be your message. Focus on “love.” Care enough about people that you actually care about what’s going on in their lives. You don’t have to “own” their problems. Just listen — listening is a supreme way of demonstrating that you love. Serve when you can and, at all times, pray.

Pray! Love! Serve! That’s “P-L-S.” And if you say “p-l-s” fast enough a couple of times, you’ll find yourself saying “please.” That’s not an accident. When we love others, pray for them, and serve, we’re pleasing God. You don’t have to be a theologian to please God!


In this cartoon, we see a golfer and a priest. The golfer is getting ready to hit the ball while the priest is coaching him. You can’t really tell if the priest’s message is about being reverent (bowing and bending the knee) or hitting the ball. It is admittedly “corny,” but for those who press on, there’s food for thought.

Two rules. Two commands. Two things to think about. That’s what the priest offers the golfer. And that’s what Jesus offered His disciples. It takes only a few seconds to learn these two points, but it can take a lifetime to perfect them.

  • Love God!
  • Love those whom God puts around you!


Don’t complicate your faith. Remember two points. To help you get started, we have two decisions we want to ask you to make. They appear below:


The core message of the Bible is love. Love God. And love those He puts around you.

The apostolic leaders of the Church today shine light on contemporary times just as the first Apostles did in their letters to the Church back then. They elaborate on the problems of the world and how faithful believers ought to respond to these situations.


We’re including an unusual video below. We heard it this morning for the first time. It’s not our normal kind of listening music, but after a friend brought it to our attention, we just had to say. “Wow! What a wonderful message.”

Listen and enjoy!


It’s cool to be Catholic. It really is. The Catholic Church is the church introduced to the world in the Book of Acts. We are the Church Jesus started, and He still guides those whom He gave authority to even today. He is with us to the end of the age (Mt 28:20) and, though our human leaders might sometimes stumble (as they often seem to do), Jesus never fails in His mission to keep us on the Holy Way (Is 35:8).

Catholic is really cool. It’s Catholic Cool! In Christ!

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