Guided By An Anti-Christ

Do not be deceived. I am He. Do not follow them.


In the Gospel this past Sunday, Jesus warned His followers about deceivers. They have existed in every generation, and they exist now. Their guiding spirit is known as an “anti-Christ.” It’s goal has always been to lead souls away from Christ into darkness.


The Bible tells us we are engaged in spiritual warfare. It also warns that people are not our enemy. We battle with “principalities,” and we have to respond in the Spirit to make progress in this war (Eph 6:12-13). Love the sinners, even while you hate the sins (Mt 5:43-44).


This cartoon is ridiculous, of course. It’s full of cliches. But it was intended to be that way.

What we see here is a collection of people all protesting loudly. They carry signs that bear many of the anti-Christ themes of our age. But take a second look. There are storm clouds gathering behind them. And they are standing on very thin ice. Time is running out for them, and they have no idea that it’s happening.


That’s how it is today. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (Jn 14:6). Sin will never replace Him. The Gospel message calls us to make a decision and then stick to it. Do you believe what Jesus says? Will you follow His teachings as part of the Church? Will you seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness (Mt 6:33)? Or will you follow the “better way” suggested by the anti-Christ spirit of this age!

We’re praying for you. In Christ!

One thought on “Guided By An Anti-Christ

  1. Bit of a struggle sometimes. I see sin and find it difficult to love that person as all I can see is the sin. Gotta keep reminding myself to love more like Jesus.


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