Rock and Roll!


The cartoon depicts the Resurrection or, more specifically, the reaction of the Roman soldiers when they realize that Jesus is no longer in His tomb. And of course, it also plays on a contemporary theme which is the impact of music on culture.

We could not help but make the connection between the rise of rock ‘n roll music (back in the 1950’s) and the beginning of a departure by so many from their Christian faith.


The cartoon is inspired by Mt 28:1-20, which is the Resurrection. It also includes what many of us call “The Great Commission.”

Setting aside any attempts at humor for the moment, we have a new lense for viewing death itself through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Rather than being the end of life, the Resurrection teaches us that death is just a gateway to a new kind of life.

We’ll talk about that more when we publish this Bible Study Cartoon course online in our “Echos” schoolhouse.

In Christ.

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