Personal Flotation Device

This cartoon reflects the enthusiasm and frequent public failings of St. Peter. The good news is that he never really gave up. He kept coming back to Jesus, each time, putting greater trust in the Lord.


Let’s take a look at the Scripture for this Bible Study Cartoon.

And early in the morning he came walking toward them on the sea. (Mt 14:25, NRSVCE)


This story is often called “Jesus Walk On Water,” but it’s actually more of a story about faith, falling and failure, and the wonderful impact that faith in action can have on others who are watching. We’re talking about St. Peter.


Jesus wanted His disciples to have such strong faith that they would trust Him more than they would rely on their five senses and their common sense. He wanted them to overcome fear, knowing and trusting that He would not leave us or forsake us.

Take time to consider the following questions:

  • Have you ever been water skiing, surfing, or something like that? Explain how that felt.

  • Why do you suppose Jesus wanted to withdraw and pray in solitude? What possible purpose might He have had?

  • What does Peter’s reaction(s) tell us about his personality? About who he was as a man? Connect that to who you are and your everyday life.

  • What did the disciples conclude about Jesus after witnessing this event? What lessons can you learn from this story as you live out your faith and life in public?


Based on the cartoon above, the Bible stories, and your own personal reflection:

  • What are you doing now in your life that you ought to stop doing?
  • What are you not doing right now that you ought to start doing?
  • Or what are you doing now that you can continue doing, but you need to change how you’re doing it?


It’s about answering God’s call. He wants people around you to know about His love for them. Consider the gifts and talents God has given you. Think about simple ways you can help others feel His love. And make an plan to intentionally start sharing His love with others in ways that you have not yet tried.

In Christ!


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