Introducing The Beattitudes


The Beattitudes appear to be straightforward, but they are actually difficult for many people to understand. Consider the following:

  • Do we pursue perfection for all of them in our lives or do we focus on one or two for starters?
  • Are they commands or are they good advice to reflect on?
  • And for those hearing about the Kingdom of God the first time, what’s this kingdom all about?

That’s what’s this cartoon really communicates.


Let’s take a look at the Scripture for this Bible Study Cartoon.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” (Mt 5:4, NRSVCE)


The Beattitudes represent a sharp turn in the Bible. Some say they serve as a bridge between the culture of the Old Testament and the ways of the New Testament.

While that’s probably not correct, it’s clear that Jesus’ sermon was not about things we shouldn’t do. To the contrary, they focused on how we should live and what we should do as citizens of the Kingdom of God.


The cartoon above is intended to make you laugh a little, of course. But there’s also a point to it. Clearly, the characters in this cartoon did not get the real point that Jesus was making. They knew Him. They saw Him. They heard Him. And still, they missed the point.

What about you? Do you understand our Lord’s message well enough to respond to it? Or will you be like the characters in the cartoon.


Based on the cartoon above, the Bible stories, and your own personal reflection:

  • What are you doing now in your life that you ought to stop doing?
  • What are you not doing right now that you ought to start doing?
  • Or what are you doing now that you can continue doing, but you need to change how you’re doing it?


Adopt the Beattitudes in your life. Adapt your life to them. Respond. Be the person Jesus wants you to be.

In Christ!


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