Who We Are

“Bible Study Cartoons” is part of the Catholic Roads apostolate. It is published in conjunction with Reach One. We are unabashedly proud of Jesus and incredibly excited to be part of the Catholic Church. This is an amazing time to be Catholic!


  • Because Catholics need to know more about their faith.
  • Because non-Catholics need to know more about the church Jesus started, promised to build, and is still protecting today (Mt 16:18). That’s the Catholic Church.
  • Because the Catholic Church gave the world the Bible. We still use the whole Bible everyday wherever there are people.
  • Because we are catechists (teachers). Our gifting comes from the Lord. It’s who we are and what we do. 
  • Because we’re blessed to have a cartoonist on the team. Bible Study Cartoons make our lessons easier to understand and more memorable.
  • Because God loves you and wants you to know Him.


We’ll keep it very simple!

  • Bible Stories — if you really want to know more about the Bible, stories are the best starting place. Everyone loves a good story, and good stories are memorable.
  • Cartoons — cartoons have been popular for many generation. Cartoons that were inspired by Bible stories and that have a special twist open the door to understanding the great stories of the Bible.

We direct you to Bible stories. You read them. We ask provocative questions. We encourage you. And you grow in your faith.


We hope we will become friends online. We want you to know the Bible, be confident in Scripture, and use it what you learn in your daily life.

In Christ!

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